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December 10, 2004


Udayan Patel

Kudos to you if you have employed this methodology successfully. For me interestingly, I haven't seen a single instance where JAD sessions were any useful. Not that I am saying it is not a good methodology but most of the time it turns out to be a place to hang out all day long over coffee and pizza. Most of the time it turns out that client’s programmers will end up designing solution without knowing what the provider's existing or new solution look like. Most of the time these sessions includes business owners and not end users. That is a big pain in the neck we programmers have to pass. These business owners are often clueless as to what their end users are doing in a certain business situation. Honestly most of the time the answers we get from these business owners are "a work around in their current solution" and not actual business practice. Moral of the story, JAD is a good methodology which is often misused.
P.S. let me loose my anonymity from lex's blog. I am known as screwed_up there.


Udayan, thanks for your post. Any method can be mis-used however the intent of JAD is to have all the right people in the room and clearly identify the projects components - and seek all around validation and buy in. BUT you are right - if you leave out certain key people (accidentally or on purpose) then JAD is executed in a flawed state and the project will suffer.

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