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October 29, 2005



Yes, it's all about relevance. The Petville blog was a case in point -- a relevant post about Paris Hilton's pet ferret was published, and traffic spiked. (And spiked again when a photo was later added and the post republished.) On the DigitalGrit blog, a timely post about Google, which was well within our range of topics, saw an increase in visits.

So....yes, keyword-driven posts (as opposed to *keyword-stuffed* posts) are effective, so long as the keywords -- and the posts themselves -- are on-topic for your blog.

(Of course, we know keyword-stuffing works, too, or splogs wouldn't be so darned popular, would they? But just because they work, doesn't mean they're ETHICAL. Or that they won't eventually get you blacklisted by the search engines...)

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