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March 25, 2006



High adwords costs? YES..

BUT.. Do we get a lot with adsense? No, because this subjects are too well known..

Everybody knows it so everyone is using it.. So start looking for good niches and DON'T tell them to everyone, so you'r in the advantage :-) There are a lot of niches with really good CPC (what you get with adsense), but you'll have to search before you'll find it ;-)

Nicholas Dixon

I think some of the keywords attract far less than they are listed for. In some case though I have found a few that are worth more than that was quoted

Phelan Business Solutions

I'm yet to find these high CPC keywords. My average earnings per click is at $ 0.13 !!

Jeff Paul Internet Millions

Thanks for posting such vital information. I am new to the blogging scene. Any and all pointers are helpful.


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