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January 05, 2007


Dave Morgan at SiteSpect MVT


the crux of MVT (most commonly "multivariate testing", but synonymous with multivariant or multivariable testing) is the ability to isolate which factors are influential towards user behavior vs. those that are not.

For example, if we were to test 3 alternate headlines + 5 alternate calls-to-action, we'd learn not only which of the two factors' variations were "the best", but whether as a group the headlines were more or less impactful than the calls-to-action.

The results of MVT learning, in turn, let us focus our follow-up testing efforts towards creating/validating new versions of those *influential* factors while not wasting time on new creatives for the insignificant factors.

Another product worth mentioning is SiteSpect ( http://www.sitespect.com ), the only non-intrusive multivariate testing platform. Since no site changes are required, web marketers can test, learn and optimize at an accelerated rate without burdening their IT folks.

-Dave at SiteSpect, Inc.

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